New Moon, August 27, 2014

I was asked to look at planetary influences by someone who is experiencing some craziness at work.  Since I was thinking about doing a post on astrology anyway, I decided to post a quickie.  No time for more than that since I work tonight.

So, it’s the new moon, which occurred today at 10:12a.m. EDT.  Lessee, what have we got going on right now?  I should probably regress it to the exact moment of the New Moon, so let’s do that first.  The aspects occurring during the NM will play out over the coming two weeks, and if any of you have sensitive points in your chart at these aspects, they will affect you personally.  If not, it’s a good idea to read through anyway, so you can see how things will be affecting others.  Might help you deal with things knowing what’s going on in another’s life.

First thing I see is a Grand Trine between the Chiron, the Midheaven and Mars at 16-20º in the Water (emotions) signs.  Whatever else happens, if you can keep your head, it will likely be beneficial to your career or place of business.  These energies, if properly dealt with, can be the trigger to some serious healing.

The Sun/Moon conjunction at 2º Virgo is opposed by Neptune at 6º Pisces, activating the tug-of-war between holding onto your own identity and giving in to keep the peace.  You may find yourself dealing with creative geniuses or drunks and total nut-cases, both aspects of the Neptunian personality.  Virgo energy demands meticulous attention to detail (uncomfortable place for emotional Moon), which is anathema to the dreamy Neptune and Pisces.  Since Neptune rules Pisces, it’s in a good place and may not rebel too hard against attempts to pin it down, provided the person demanding a degree of precision is gentle with the delivery of said demand.  Better to request or suggest.

There’s also a near-exact square between the Love planets, Venus at 16º Leo and Mars at 17º Scorpio.  This indicates there could be some tension in relationships, with the person of female tendencies to become overly dramatic, and those with male tendencies to be secretive and suspicious.  The make-up sex should be excellent.

Well, it’s time to go get ready for work… knowing me, I won’t be back to finish this, so I hope what I got posted here is helpful.


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