No Pain, No Gain? Really??

In a word, no.  However, if you substitute the word “effort” for “pain,” or “struggle,” then at least for me I would agree.  Remember, some folks have greatness thrust upon them.  It happens in spite of what they do.  That being said, I think that if you want to achieve certain results, you have to put forth the effort, and you tend to appreciate the things for which you have to work more than the things that you come by easily. 

The problem with short pithy sayings is that they oversimplify things.  Then, people jump to conclusions.  After all, if pain = results, shouldn’t more pain  = more (quicker, better, bigger) results?  Anything that you want to do can be achieved with proper effort and patience.  I take particular exception to the catch-phrase “Practice makes perfect.”  In what alternate reality does sloppy practice make your technique perfect?  If you don’t make the time to do something properly in the beginning, you may get faster at doing a half-@$$ed job of it, but you will never get good by being slovenly in your techniques.  

Practice simply makes you faster at a thing.  If you are aiming for perfection, you have to start slowly.  I believe it’s the same with exercise.  If you perform an exercise correctly you will reap the benefits of said exercise.  If you perform it quickly or sloppily, you will engage muscles other than those targeted by said exercise.  

My late brother was a bodybuilder when he was young.  He was the strongest man I ever met.  He used to take me to the gym with him and have me stand on the weight bars of the nautilus machines so he could get a ‘good’ workout and push himself a little further.  He was pretty competitive with the muscle building and couldn’t find a workout partner as committed as he, so he was unwilling to work with free weights most of the time.  When you’re talking hundreds of pounds being lifted, you definitely need someone strong to spot you!  I helped where I could (I adored my bro!) and in return he taught me the proper technique to use weights, machines and exercise for body sculpting.  

This was a timely post for me.  In the past few years my health has taken a dramatic turn for the better and I’ve been thinking it is now time to get back in shape.  My brother has been gone a number of years now, and I haven’t thought about our time at the gym in ages.  Thanks for reminding me.  Now I’m heading off to get ready to go to work and will be thinking about the exercise regimen I will implement.


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