Dazed and confused??

I must admit, I’m at a bit of a loss when it comes to blogging.  I’m okay with the stories.  Been telling stories since I was a little kid.  I just don’t get the blog thing.  Widgets and links and such.  Customizing pages.  Getting organized.  And figuring out why certain words in my posts are in different colors and have links to things… that I didn’t put there.  I wish I knew how to remove them.

Basically, that’s why I’m here.  There is so much to be learned about getting things set up on a website.  I have grand ideas.  Once I figure out what I’m doing, my website will really rock.  Or is this a blog roll?  Or just a blog?

I guess that’s a big part of the problem there, huh… I don’t know the lingo.  When you have to stop and figure out what each word means it’s really hard to pay attention to the content of what you’re reading.

This is the problem I have in getting started in most new things I try.  I need to study the subject, but that makes it seem too much like work.  I want it to be fun.  I want it to be fun NOW!  (said in my best Verruca Salt voice).  I don’t want it to be hard to learn.  I want a tutorial that walks me through each step and changes things, step by step, to show me what can be done and how to do it.

Now, I realize that in order to have a tutorial that walks one though every step possible would be a huge undertaking… probably be so unwieldy that no one, including myself, would be able to use it.  There are too many things you can do with your blog, or website.  Or whatever this is.  But that’s why I need it.  Too many choices.  How can I decide what I want or need when I don’t know what’s available??  How can I, with my limited time and attention span, wade through thousands of widgets and other thingies, trying them out to see what they can do and then deciding whether or not it is right for me?

Isn’t there some sort of help for people like me who want to do this but haven’t a clue as to where to start?  Ok, technically, I did already start.  I have this blog.  I’ve written stuff.  I’m following a few people and even have a few who are following me.  But how to customize baffles me.

I tried signing up for Blogging 101, but life exploded just before it started.  By the time I got things under control and had the free attention to give it, a week had passed.  I tried jumping in on the current prompt, but it wouldn’t let me post anything.  I suppose I could have just gone back to the beginning of the series and done the work independently like a mature adult, but I want someone to take me by the hand and offer me suggestions about how to do things.  This whole “being an adult” thing is way over-rated.

If you’re still reading, thanks for being here and listening to me rant about how unfair life is, hehehe…  I still have trouble making the connections that I took for granted before my MVA in the 90s.  This is really hard for me, and I am grateful for your moral support.  It helps to know that someone is out there who is paying attention, who cares a little… even if it’s just to laugh at my dilemmas.  I don’t mind schadenfreude at all.  Better her than me, you might say.  Or poor Rua, silly little thing has so many problems.  It’s ok.

If you have any suggestions for things that might help me navigate this mess, that’s ok too.  Send me a link?  What widgets do you use that you find helpful?  They may not be right for me, but I have to start somewhere.  Recommendations from folks is probably the easiest way, especially those folks who understand the difficulties in starting a new project, the difficulties of working with a brain injury or diminished mental capacity or how hard it is when the choices are just plain overwhelming.  I’d rather just be whelmed, thankyouverymuch.  😉


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