Reader’s Block

Reader’s Block

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

The only time I can ever remember not reading was after I had an MVA in the 90s. I didn’t appear to have physical injuries from it so I just went back to work. Several years later, I realized that I must have suffered a brain injury in the accident. I was starting to regain memories suddenly, and I realized that all the people over the past several years who had been giving me such a hard time were actually right and I was the one with the problem.

I didn’t read during that time. Not a lot of stuff made sense. Also, with the getting older, my eyesight was starting to fade and I was having trouble focusing. I stopped reading altogether. I turned instead to movies to fill my need for stories.

I started reading again mainly on the computer on various social sites. Learning what was happening in the lives of friends who were distant from me gave me the incentive to study the words and glean their meaning. I guess I formed new neural pathways to replace the ones which were damaged because slowly I began to remember how much I enjoyed words.

Then, I won a book in a raffle, “Romancing the Ordinary: A Year of Simple Splendor,” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It’s a book of monthly wisdom, a plan for enjoying each month, rather than spending most of the year wishing it was your favorite season. I, of course, opened to the then current month and started reading. It was wonderful and soul-filling and, rather than put into practice her suggestions, I reveled in her tales, reading each month in succession until I had reached the end of December, then started from January until I was back to the current month.

At this point, my need to read temporarily sated, I started to implement some of her suggestions into my life. This book is filled with ways for women to recapture our sensuality, our love of the taste, sight, sound, smell, feel and wonder of the world around us. I’ve had the book for several years now, and whenever I find myself getting stuck in the depression that pervades my life, I open Romancing the Ordinary and find some inspiration to help me climb out of the darkness.

Since then I’ve read a few books but not many. Now that I’ve accepted my fate and gotten several pairs of reading glasses, I keep thinking that I need to incorporate more books into my life. Still, I hesitate. The computer fills the time I used to use to read. I am faced with a conundrum, do I give up the computer so I can read or try to share the time? It seems as though there isn’t enough time to read a book anymore. The books I do read are usually “How-To”s, instruction manuals of one sort or another, usually craft books. *sigh*



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