Fourth Wall… a Day as the star of my favorite movie.

I don’t really have a favorite movie.  I love *so* many movies that it would be impossible to pick a favorite.  However, if the criteria were to be in which movie I would like to star, well, that’s a different story.  There are perhaps half a dozen on that list.  It would have to have lots of romantic music in it, and a handsome costar to serenade me because unlike real life, in the movies… the men chase the girls.

I would take Debbie Reynold’s part in “Singing in the Rain” in a heartbeat.  To sing a duet and dance with Gene Kelley would be a dream come true.  Pardon me while I get lost in the fantasy for a moment.  Ok, I’m back.  Reality intrudes.  I would never make it to the part where the curtain goes up revealing me as “The true voice you heard in Love Tonight” (or whatever it was Gene said to the audience.  To be accepted as I am would be more than I could hope for.  I’ll settle for staying behind the curtain, being Lina’s voice and Don’s love.  *sigh*


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