second job

I haven’t been around much this past week or two; been busy with life away from the computer.

I now have a day job to complement my evening job as a deli clerk.  I will be sewing the jackets and pants that firemen wear to protect themselves from the heat and flames.  I am very excited about this full-time, permanent job that pays as well as the deli job and offers great benefits.

I used to be a volunteer E.M.T. (ambulance worker/first responder) and miss giving back to the community in which I live.  Sadly, I feel as though I am too old to do the front-line stuff any more, but this job is a way I can help.  Getting paid for it is an added bonus.  This, however, is going to cut into my computer time dramatically.  I will be back, I’m just now sure when or for how long each time.  I’ll see you all when I see you, have fun posting and I’ll catch up as I can.


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