I’m baaaaaack…. I think…

It’s been a while since I spent any appreciable amount of time here at my blog on WordPress due to a rather brutal job change.  The transition is now complete and I feel so much better.  The job at the Giant Food store deli did me good, but I am really glad it is over.

If you follow my blog, you may (or may not) remember that I got a job sewing back in early November.  I’ve always been a crafty type of gal, love sewing and creating things, so this is sorta my dream job.  Giant was good for me in that I learned that almost all lunch meat is full of sugar.  Since I am extremely allergic to cane sugar, it was a big link in me getting my diet under control so I could regain my health.  However, I was doing a lot of hard, heavy work while watching other people goof off.  What they didn’t get done I had to do since I was the one who closed the deli.  I complained to management several times about it and was told that there was nothing that could be done.  So, is it any wonder I got cranky?

According to the store manager last night, people don’t like working with me.  After a few minutes of being told I was the one who decided to work the two jobs at the same time (so no excuse of being overtired), they expect me to deny everything (I’m a liar??), and how they’re afraid of losing other people who might quit rather than work with me, and not being allowed any time to tell my side, I calmly took off my hat, apron and shirt and placed it on her desk, added the box cutter that we open the meat packages with, and told her that since I am such a liability to the company they are better off without me, and left.  She tried to get me to stay by telling me how unprofessional I was being but I didn’t break stride.

I stopped for a beer and talked with a friend who was at the pub, which helped me calm down.  I decided this was actually the best thing that could have happened to me.  I have a history of working for people who are never satisfied, and usually I just keep trying in an impossible situation until I am no longer doing a good job and then either get fired or end up getting sick.  This time I left before it got that bad.  And it isn’t like I don’t have a good job to go to every day.

Quaker Safety, the company that hired me, has been very good to me so far.  We make the coats and pants for firemen, and I think some of the folks on oil rigs and other extreme areas also use our product.  Most of the people who work there have been there for many years.  I think about half have been there for close to 20 years, some more.  The ones that are new are people who replaced folks who retired after 20-30 years with the company.  I’ve never worked for a company that took good care of its employees.  This is a novel experience.  It’s also why I quit Giant before my normal burnout time… I had something to compare their treatment of me to.  I am hoping to stay with Quaker Safety for many years, not that I have *that* many years left in me to work, but as I regain my health even my eyesight is improving.

It was harder than I expected it to be.    The fabric is very heavy and stiff, nothing like what I was used to working with.  It wore my fingernails down to the quick the first couple of weeks.  There are challenging parts of the job, but I am treated with respect and am allowed to do my job without harassment.  As I do the work assigned to me, my skills are slowly but surely improving.  When Pete hired me, he was concerned about me making less @ QS than at Giant.  He said he would try to get me a comparable rate, but the QS starting rate was the same as when I started at Giant, so I told him it was ok.  After all, it’s been several years since I did *any* sewing.  I figured I’d be pretty rusty and need some time to adjust.

I feel really good about that decision.  I really sucked the first couple of weeks, LOL, but my immediate supervisor, MaryJane, was very patient with me, and only once told me I needed to work faster… that was about a week and a half in, and I was trying to pick up speed.  In the process of trying to hurry, I was making a lot of mistakes, which I of course had to rip out and redo.  The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.  I had to slow down a little to make less horrid mistakes.  I was also really intimidated by the power of the commercial sewing machines.  Step on it lightly and it goes, give it an extra nudge and it is running away with the work.  I now have the muscle memory needed to control the machines, so I am less afraid of sewing a finger which means I hold onto the work better and have fewer seams going crooked.

I’m loving it so much, and I’ve made a new friend.  She also is a member at WorkOut+ so we’ve started going to the gym together and encouraging each other.  She found a belly-dancing exercise class; we went to the first one this past Thursday, and I am hoping the class will continue for many many weeks.  It’s an extra $5 ($9 if you don’t belong to the gym) but it is well worth it.  Suffia, the teacher, is awesome… patient, kind, and willing to adapt the class to our needs (very gentle since we’re just starting out).

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks for listening to my adventures.  Next post will be about some of the stuff that came up for me emotionally during this last couple of highly stressful months… so if you aren’t interested in my therapy posts, feel free to skip it.  My feelings won’t be hurt.  Muah!  Love you all!


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