Update on a very busy life

I haven’t been posting lately.  I’ve been meaning to, but never seem to find the time when I actually can think straight *and* have something to say.  But today I have good news.

Last month, when our plant closed for a week, I took all my savings and flew out to visit a friend who lives in Arizona.  We drove down to Los Algodones, and I spent my savings, about $1600, on dental care (that would have cost me $5000 here in the states).  I came home feeling good about my looks for the first time in ages.  I can actually smile now without worrying if my nasty teeth will offend.

Also, my time at my daughter’s is coming to an end.  I’ve found a place to move and signed a lease.  It’s a little basement apartment, a Hobbit Hole, if you will, in a quaint town called Emmaus, PA.  I can actually afford this place and still have money for food and gas to get to work!

2 days after signing the lease, my 17 year old car had a catastrophic failure.  Two valves broke and pieces went into the engine causing irreparable damage.  This past few weeks I’ve been so stressed, finally finding a place to live but suddenly not being able to move… I couldn’t get to work without my daughter driving me from 5 miles away, how could I expect her to drive out 10 miles and then take me to work??  So, even though I have this cute little apartment, I’m still at my daughter’s.

I refuse to give up, though.  I’m not meant not be here at my daughter’s for the rest of my life, so I am stepping out on faith that something will make it work for me.  I did find a car, and the fellow who owns it now is in the process of buying a car that’s a lot newer.  He is selling me this older car and allowing me to make payments to him (yes, a friend).

Well, with my savings “blown” on my new smile, I’m in a bit of a pickle.  I decided to go to one of those “give me money” sites and beg.  I didn’t really expect to have anyone give me any money, but I am pleasantly surprised.  I’ve gotten $135 in two weeks.  I’ve always hated not being able to do things on my own and I guess my lesson to allow others to help me isn’t over yet.  Soon, though, I hope.  I get the car this weekend, and the gofundme site has gotten me enough to give him a small “down-payment, almost.

I’m not asking anyone reading this to donate although I certainly wouldn’t refuse a donation.  I am including the link so you can read more about what’s going on and see the site for yourself.  If you do go over to gofundme and take a look, please feel free to give me writing feedback.  I’d prefer the feedback here on my WP page though, if that’s ok.

Here’s the link:  http://www.gofundme.com/9s8g9st3u74

Life is good and it is getting better all the time!  I think what makes me happiest is that once I move, there are places within walking distance that I can go, and there are sidewalks to walk on… I’ll also be able to get back into shape though daily walks.  Yay!  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  It’s nice to have people with whom I can share my good news.


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