About Rua

I’ve been around for quite some time, no longer young but still sometimes young at heart.  If I had to sum me up in one sentence it would have to be this:  “I love to learn.”

I live with my daughter and her husband, along with their hyperactive ADD dog and a one-eyed cat, both rescues.  I volunteer at the local animal shelter when work permits, but that’s heartbreaking work sometimes.  I lost my furry companion of 11 years 2 years ago to the feline version of AIDS, and still cry over it.

I’ve dabbled in astrology and other arcane arts and sciences since I was a teen and have held many different jobs, including Emergency medical Technician, prep cook and double Blue Seal Stationary Engineer.  I believe that you learn something from everyone you meet, no matter who they are or how brief the meeting, if you are open to allowing yourself to be touched by them.  I also believe that having many jobs gives me a rounded skill set.  I know ‘enough to be dangerous’ about a wide variety of subjects.

I was raised Christian but have had friends of many different faiths, and have come to realize that there is less difference between them than one might think.  I pray for peace and enlightenment for all, not just those who ‘deserve’ it.  I tend to follow Native American teachings more than any other.

I try to be kind to everyone and everything.  I offer whatever help I can to whoever is in need.  I worked as a deli clerk the past year and a half and am now an incredibly happy seamstress with a company which takes care of its employees, even if they don’t pay that well.

I am regaining my health slowly but surely after finding out I’m allergic to 44 of 187 food items tested… with 20 being classified as moderate to severe.  Food no longer dominates my life, as I learn to avoid those that give me problems.

I live in my head most of the time, daydreaming.  Sometimes I forget to speak when someone is talking to me because I have so many conversations in my head.  Sometimes I get creative and draw, paint, do fiber arts, make jewelry or stained glass or lampwork beads or any one of a number of crafty type things.

Yeah, I’m a little strange.  I’m ok with that.


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